About Boston School Finder


Our Mission

Our mission is to democratize the school selection and enrollment process for Boston’s families. We achieve this by supporting Boston families in choosing a school that is the right fit for their students and their families. 

Our Vision

We aim to make the school enrollment process more equitable for all — especially to historically underserved families — by empowering families with an easily-accessible, easy-to-understand knowledge base about Boston’s schools. 

At Boston School Finder, we believe that all Boston residents — regardless of factors such as race, socioeconomic status, language, or ability — deserve an equitable opportunity to choose and attend a great-fit school. 

At Boston School Finder, we collect and centralize publicly-available data about Boston’s K-12 education sectors, including: Boston Public Schools (BPS), commonwealth charter schools, independent private schools, and religious-affiliated private schools. With our 200+ school profiles at our website and targeted community outreach programs and initiatives, Boston School Finder distills and distributes this information and data in an easy-to-understand format for families.

Our Story

Boston School Finder was initially developed in 2017 when the organization realized a need for centralized, publicly-available data on ALL schools in Boston, across sectors. In collaboration with our technology partners, ADK (website development and build) and Smartling (high-quality translation), we created a research-based website focused on what families want to know about schools. Boston School Finder is funded by Boston Schools Fund.  

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