Summer Programs for Boston Youth


Summer may be a time for relaxation and fun, but it’s also an important time for preparing for the coming school year.

According to Boston After School & Beyond, "Research shows that a large part of the achievement gap between students from low-income families and their peers can be explained by unequal access to summer opportunities."

What does this mean for your child? The achievement gap is term that tries to explain why some students do well in school while other students have a more difficult time. With access to adequate summer programming, those students who have a hard time in school can improve when they return to school in the fall. Learn more about the importance of summer learning in our Q&A with Boston After School & Beyond.

There are many low- and no-cost summer programs for families within and near the City of Boston. The pandemic has impact the availability of some programs, but there are still summer programs that plan to operate in-person or with modified schedules for summer 2021, while still following state and local guidelines for pandemic safety for all participants.


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