On the Closure of All Schools for the Remainder of the 2019-21 School Year

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Although Governor Baker’s decision to keep all public and private schools closed for the remainder of the school year is hard for both families and their children to hear, nothing is more important than keeping all residents of the Commonwealth safe and healthy.

This is a moment for innovative leadership, transformative approaches, and candid conversations between families and educators. Now more than ever, this is a time of action. We can no longer think in the short term; we must now broaden our efforts to focus on nimble strategies for what is likely to be our new normal to minimize learning loss during this remote learning period. 

Teachers need to have the financial resources they need to reach and engage their students. Extra resources must be provided for students who need special education, IEP, and mental health supports. Communication lines between families and education officials must be open to ensure all voices and ideas are being heard as we work together to get through this crisis with as little negative impact on the educational experience of students as possible.

COVID-19 is not an equalizer; it has not leveled the playing field. COVID-19 has exposed the reality and breadth of inequities marginalized families have faced first-hand and brought them into stark focus. It is our hope that efforts will continue to distribute both educational and technical resources fairly to make the remote learning experience as effective as possible for all students — regardless of their race, address, financial situation, or primary language.

— Latoya Gayle, Executive Director

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