Our Parent Ambassadors

Boston School Finder has a team of Parent Ambassadors who engage with parents about the school registration process throughout the communities and neighborhoods of Boston. 

Maisha HarleyMaisha Harley

Maisha lives in Boston with her family. As a Parent Ambassador, she wants parents to know that there are more options to finding a school for their children. Maisha loves getting out to meet parents and show them their choices. Boston School Finder has helped her by putting all schools on one website to give her the most info that she needed to find that right school. Languages Spoken: English

Katia HichosKatia Hichos

Katia lives in South Boston with her husband, daughter and son. As a Parent Ambassador, Katia works to help more parents to find the right school for their kids, utilizing her past volunteer experience and translation skills. Boston School Finder has helped her to get information about the process on getting into schools and their programs. Languages Spoken: Spanish


Lisa MelaraLisa Melara

Lisa lives in East Boston with her husband and three sons. As a Parent Ambassador,  Lisa loves helping parents find the right school for their child. She notes that Boston School Finder has helped her because the website is easy and fun to use.    

"I am a very active parent in my community," she shares. "I would always speak to the parents that currently have children in that school and tell them always visit a school with your child before selecting a school." Languages Spoken: Vietnamese

Huong VuHuong Vu 

Huong lives in Milton with her husband and two elementary-aged daughters. As a Parent Ambassador, part of her job is helping parents to understand clearly about Boston Public Schools (BPS), as well as school choice and the registration process. Having built relationships with community-based organizations to reach out to families that they serve, Huong has led and facilitated various support groups for parents in parenting, early literacy, and BPS school system learning.

"It is a fact that many Vietnamese parents have difficulties trying to understand this information, especially new immigrant families with young children," she notes. "They find the school registration process and time is totally different than how it is in Vietnam." As a parent who always cares about the quality of education, Huong is excited to reach out and talk to other parents and organizations about Boston School Finder. "I want to support parents to access this website and use it effectively," she shares. Languages Spoken: Vietnamese

Shani WilkersonShani Wilkerson    

Shani lives in Dorchester with her husband and her high-school aged daughter. She enjoys this work as a Parent Ambassador because engaging with families early on in the process is what builds communities.  Shani was inspired to become a Parent Ambassador because she wants to share the mission of Boston School Finder to assist as many families as possible.

Shani has a B.S. in Psychology, M.S. in Leadership and HR Management, and over 20 years in Admissions and Financial Aid experience at four Boston colleges and universities. Her school registration advice to parents: "Start early and stay organized!" Languages Spoken: English

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