Going to High School in the Fall? It's Time to #OwnYourFuture

OwnYourFuture How to Register Boston Public Schools High School Ranking Form

Making the transition from 8th grade to high school feels like such a big deal when you're a teenager—as well it should! Going to high school is a big deal, and not just because it often comes with more responsibility, freedoms, and new experiences, but because high school is meant to set you up for success for the rest of your life.

But there's no need to panic or be intimidated at the prospect of finding the right high school! It's all about changing your perspective. Instead of feeling stressed about picking the right high school for you or feeling like it's a chore, think about it as taking the very first step toward adulthood.

Basically? We want you to get excited to #OwnYourFuture.

If you're in 8th grade at a BPS school, the entire city is now open to you for high school. What better time to #OwnYourFuture by empowering yourself to learn about your choices and fit the high school that's the best fit for you!

Complete Your High School Ranking Form by Feb. 7th

If your BPS school doesn't offer grades 9 through 12, you should have already received your High School Ranking Form at your school. These forms are customized for each student. You can also complete this form online via the BPS Family Portal; you'll receive an email from BPS to do so if you haven't already. 

If you are a current BPS 8th grade student, you must rank your high school choices and submit your paper form to your school *OR* complete it online by Friday, Feb. 7. If you who submit your high school choices by this date, you'll find out your high school assignment in late March.

The longer you wait to submit your high school choices, the longer you'll have to wait to receive your assigned high school. 

Our recommendation? Don't procrastinate! 

Rank your high schools, complete your Ranking Form, and submit it as soon as you can.

Don't Forget About Special Application Schools!

Also, there are six BPS high schools that require special applications, in addition to Boston's three Exam Schools. Our infographic below has all the special application high school deadlines you need to know about; visit each school's website to find out exactly what you need to submit in order to apply.

Are you ready to #OwnYourFuture?

The clock's ticking, so get to it!

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