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Boston School Finder Staff

Latoya Gayle, Executive Director

Languages Spoken: English

As Executive Director, Latoya shapes the vision and mission of Boston School finder while  focusing on increasing access to education data and education opportunity among parents, with a targeted focus on parents and families of color. She develops and maintains strategic partnerships with our partner organizations including districts, schools, funders, community organizations policy makers and influencers, parents, and consultants. Latoya aims to use Boston School Finder to equip parents to choose a school that's right for their family, and to advocate for policy and programs that will best serve their family and community.

Latoya is also the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Phenomenal Moms, a Boston-based organization that seeks equity by collaborating with schools and districts, community partners and other stakeholders. The organization aims to reduce educational, social and economic opportunity and achievement gaps by increasing engagement in schools and communities among parents and families of color.

Latoya lives with her family in Boston, and has three children who have attended or will attend schools in Boston.


Rana Kannan, Managing Director

Languages Spoken: English, Korean

As Managing Director, Rana oversees Boston School Finder operations and manages the development processes and partnerships for the Boston School Finder website. Rana ensures that the Boston School Finder site helps democratize the school choice process, supporting parents, families, and their community partners in finding a great school for their child.

Prior to her role at Boston School Finder, Rana worked as the Senior Manager of Strategic Partnership Programs at Salsify, an eCommerce startup company in Boston. Throughout her career, Rana has worked in organizations across both private and educational sectors, supporting students and families in and around Boston. Rana previously taught and led the Graduate Services team at  Roxbury Prep Charter School, has coached school leadership teams, and led the implementation of academic intervention programs at Phoenix Charter Academy Network.

Rana lives with her family in Boston, and has two children who attend or will attend schools in Boston.


Additional data and communications support provided by:

Emma Kolander, Marketing & Communications

Languages Spoken: English

Natalya Subbotina, Data & Operations

Languages Spoken: English, Russian


Parent Ambassadors

Contact Boston School Finder Parent Ambassadors at parentambassadors@bostonschoolfinder.org.


Shellina Semexant, Parent Ambassador Team Lead

Languages Spoken: English, Haitian Creole

Narcisa Araujo

Languages Spoken: English, Cape Verdean, Portuguese, Spanish

Maisha Harley

Languages Spoken: English

Soraya Harley

Languages Spoken: English

Shamilia Lloyd

Languages Spoken: English

Lumina Mathurin

Languages Spoken: English, Spanish

Lisa Melara

Languages Spoken: English, Spanish, Vietnamese

Mariam Mohamed

Languages Spoken: English, Somali

Elizabeth Neely

Languages Spoken: English

Aliesha Porcena

Languages Spoken: English, Haitian Creole, Spanish

Shirley Porcena

Languages Spoken: English, Haitian Creole

Keren Sanchez

Languages Spoken: English, Spanish

Huong Vu

Languages Spoken: English, Vietnamese

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