There Is Still Time to Register for BPS! Here Is How.

BPS Registration


Can families still register their child(ren) for BPS if they haven’t done so already? If so, what is the registration deadline and how can they register?  

Yes, there is still time to register for BPS for next school year! Registration is open now for students in any grade and applies to both new registrations as well as students requesting a transfer to a different BPS school for next year. Families can follow the registration process outlined in Boston School Finder’s “How to Apply to Schools” resource guide. You can also find more information about BPS registration at Families who register now should receive assignment notifications in mid-July.


What should families do or who should they contact if they have a child who needs Special Education or English Learner support?

BPS offers different programs and strands to support both Special Education and English Language Learner students.

If your child needs Special Education support, visit the BPS Office of Special Education website to access parent resources and learn about available programs, schools and strands, and more. You can also contact the office at (617) 635-8599.

If your child needs English Language Learner support, visit the BPS Office of English Learners website to learn about instructional programs, translation and interpretation options, parent engagement programs, and more. You can also contact the office at (617) 635-1565.

Boston School Finder’s Special Education and English Language Learner resource guides also offer a helpful overview of navigating the process for requesting SPED and ELL support for your child.


Who can families contact at BPS if they have questions about school registration?

BPS Welcome Centers are a great resource for learning more about the BPS registration and enrollment process. With four locations across the city, Welcome Centers “serve the registration needs of all Boston families and perform other important services for those currently enrolled in BPS.” You can find location and hours information for all BPS Welcome Centers on BPS’ website.  

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