It's Time to Start Thinking About School Registration

boston public school registration how to register for school


With the opening of the METCO lottery and Commonwealth charter school lottery applications, it's already time to start thinking about how to register for school. Boston Public School (BPS) registration will be here before you know it, especially as BPS School Preview dates begin next month in November.

Whether you're wondering about how to apply to Boston schools—across all sectors, from BPS and charter schools, to private religiously affiliated or private independent schools—we've worked tirelessly to compile all the information you need to know to make school registration and enrollment a success for your family.

In addition to helping you explore all of your school options, Boston School Finder also helps you keep track of when to register for school, as each school sector and even different schools have different registration and application deadlines. The best way for your to stay up-to-date about everything related to school registration for the 2020-2021 school year? Sign up for Boston School Finder's email newsletter, delivered weekly to families.

You can also sign up for updates via text by simply texting the word "SCHOOL" to 33-777.

We understand the Boston school registration can be confusing and overwhelming: that's why we're here to help. Stay connected with Boston School Finder for the latest updates.

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