Accelerated Curriculum Opportunities for Elementary Students

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This week, Boston Public Schools third graders are taking the TerraNova standardized test in their schools. This test measures not only students' comprehension in reading, language, and mathematics, it also measures levels of understand in the subjects of science, social studies. The TerraNova exam also assesses a student's listening skills. 

New This Year: TerraNova Given to 3rd Graders Only

Starting the 2019-2020 school year, the TerraNova test will be administered only to third graders, as opposed to third, fourth, and fifth graders as in years past. This is part of district's effort to reduce the number of standardized tests given to BPS students

Follow this link download and print a TerraNova practice test for your third grader.

The TerraNova exam is used to determine invitation into one of BPS' accelerated curriculum programs for its students: Advanced Work Class (also known as AWC). In addition to Advanced Work Class (AWC), Excellence for All (known as EFA) is another accelerated curriculum program option available at select BPS schools for students in grades 4 through 6.

What Is Advanced Work Class?

Advanced Work Class (AWC) is a full-time program in the Boston Public Schools that provides an accelerated academic curriculum for students in grades 4 through 6. This program includes subjects studied in greater depth, more schoolwork, and more home study than the traditional curriculum.

Students are invited to participate based on their TerraNova test scores, given in the fall of grades 3, 4, and 5. However, families should note that because there are a limited number of available seats in schools with AWC programs, an invitation to AWC is not a guarantee of enrollment into an AWC program.

New in 2019: any student enrolled in an AWC program will be able to remain in a program through grade 6. To determine eligibility for AWC, if your fourth or fifth grader has not previously taken the TerraNova test, they are eligible to still take it this year.

What Is Excellence for All?

Excellence For All (EFA) is an initiative designed to ensure all learners in grades 4 through 6 have access to high quality, authentic learning experiences that prepare them for high school, college, and careers. EFA is a school-wide program. All students in grades 4-6 at a school that offers EFA participate in the program. There is no admission requirement for Excellence For All. 

Click here to learn more about participating Advanced Work Class programs and Excellence for All schools from BPS.

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