Presentación: Un Buscador de escuelas de Boston nuevo y mejorado

Introducing: The New & Improved Boston School Finder

Boston Public Schools (BPS) Kindergarten registration for next school year opened this week - and many of Boston’s families might not know about it. According to a study released this summer, nearly half of Boston’s Hispanic and Black families (40 percent and 47 percent, respectively), didn’t apply for the first round BPS Kindergarten deadline in 2014-2016.

Today, we're excited to announce a major step in closing this school registration gap: the new and improved Boston School Finder website is LIVE! With improved search capabilities and a school comparison tool, our new website will make it easier than ever for every family in Boston to find a school that’s right for them.

The first tool of its kind in Massachusetts, we partner with education stakeholders across the state and the city of Boston to bring accurate and transparent school information to Boston’s families. Designed in partnership with Boston-based digital and application development agency, ADK Group, our website was developed based on research around how families search for schools and allows you to:

  • Search for and access information on more than 200 schools
  • Use the "Find Your School" tool to find schools that meet your priorities
  • Access resources on how to choose a school, register for school and advocate for Special Education and English Language Learner support
  • Learn more about individual school offerings and data


“Unlike previous school data tools, we collect the vast array of data available in separate platforms and present it to families without manipulating it,” said Latoya Gayle, our Executive Director. “Sharing this information with every family - regardless of race, native language, household income, or education level - is a huge step in giving Boston’s families equitable access to the information necessary to make an informed school decision for their child.”

Check out the new and improved Boston School Finder for yourself to find a right school for your family!

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