How to Pre-Register for Boston Public Schools


Boston Public Schools offers pre-registration in December before priority registration begins in January. The pre-registration process allows you to complete most of your BPS registration paperwork online, such as filling out your child's information and ranking your schools. 

When can I pre-register my child(ren) for BPS?

BPS pre-registration typically starts in December.

How do I pre-register online?

1. Gather your required residency documents.

All BPS Welcome Centers are temporarily closed to the public due to the pandemic. However, you'll be able to upload your required residency verification documents online the this pre-registration process.

Upload ALL of these documents:

  • Child’s original birth certificate, I-94 form, or passport; AND
  • Child’s up-to-date immunization record; AND
  • Parent/Guardian’s photo identification.

Upload TWO of these documents. Note: documents cannot be from the same bulleted item in the list below:

  • Utility bill (not water or cell phone) dated within past 60 day
  • Current lease, section 8 agreement, or BPS residency affidavit
  • Deed or mortgage payment dated within past 60 days, or property tax bill dated within the last year
  • Bank or credit card statement dated within past 60 day
  • W2 form dated within the year, or payroll stub dated within past 60 day
  • Letter from approved government agency dated within 60 days

2. Go to DiscoverBPS online.

Scroll down to the bottom of the website and click the link that says "Pre-registration." You'll be taken to the BPS Student Information System Online Portal.

3. Create your online account.

On the next page, follow the link that says: "Need to preregister for BPS? Click here and select the 1st option." Follow the prompts to create an online account.

4. Log into the BPS Student Information System Portal, also referred to as "SIS" or "Aspen."

Once logged in, complete your online pre-registration form. Enter your information as parent/caregiver as well as your child(ren)'s information. You will rank your schools and you'll also have the ability to upload your residence verification documents at this time.

Detailed instructions on how to pre-register online can be found here in English. 

4. Make an appointment to visit a Welcome Center in person OR a remote appointment to finish registering over the phone.

Even though you have pre-registered, you must still complete your registration by speaking with a Welcome Center registration specialist to complete your school registration. Book your remote appointment by phone or in-person appointment at a Welcome Center here online. When booking your call online, you have the ability to request an appointment in your native language if needed. 

If you have any questions, please contact BPS Welcome Services at 617-635-9010.

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