Boston Public Schools Middle School Pathways Resource Guide


What are Middle School Pathways?

For students in general education programs, every BPS elementary school is connected to a middle school or K-8 school. This is called a “pathway” school. There is one high school pathway school: Lyon High School is a guaranteed pathway for students at the Lyon K-8 School.

Does my child have to go to his or her pathway school?

Students are not required to attend their middle school pathway. However, middle school pathways do provide elementary students with a guaranteed seat at a specific middle school.

How do I register for my pathway school?

In January of each year, elementary students who are in their exit grade (the last grade they can attend at their current school) will receive a letter confirming their middle school pathway school. Families have two options at this point:

  1. If you want your child to attend their assigned pathway school: you don't have to do anything. Your child will automatically be registered and assigned to their pathway school.

  2. If you want your child to enroll at a different BPS school: you must contact Welcome Services and participate in the registration process to select a new BPS school.


Middle School Pathways List for School Year 2021-2022

Middle School Pathways Map

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