Exam School Test Deadline Extended for BPS 6th Grade Students

exam school deadline extension

The ISEE exam—also known as the "exam school test" or the "Latin test" is the FREE test required for application to one of Boston’s three exam schools. New for school year 2019-2020, the ISEE exam will take place on Thursday, Nov. 7 in school for all BPS 6th graders.

BPS has extended online registration for this group of students only; you can register your BPS 6th grader online here until 5 PM, Friday, Oct. 11.

All other eligible students—non-BPS 6th graders and all BPS and non-BPS 8th and 9th graders—may register on-site for the ISEE exam on Saturday, Nov. 23 at Boston Latin Academy, beginning at 8 AM. Here’s a list of what students who register for the ISEE on-site must bring with them.

You can also text “EXAM” to 33777 to register right from your phone. If you're considering an exam school for your next school, you must take the ISEE exam, so don't miss your only chance this year to take it for free.

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